beurs van berlage

The creation of the Beurs van Berlage

At the end of the 19th century, trade in Amsterdam was flourishing and a growing number of people decided to move to the city. Of the two previous incarnations of the Amsterdam stock exchange, believed to be the oldest in the world, one building had become unsuitable and too small. In 1896, a new and improved stock exchange venue was agreed upon, and the honour of developing this new building went to architect and urban designer Hendrik Petrus Berlage.

The multi-functional design of the Beurs van Berlage

Berlage designed a completely new building, with as its most prominent feature the bell tower carrying the ‘Beursbengel’ (exchange bell). Berlage, being a socialist, believed the stock exchange trade had a short lifespan and wouldn’t become as big as it is now. Yet he found a smart and creative solution for this dilemma: inspired by the Italian Palazzo Pubblicos, he decided to design the new stock exchange building in such a way that it could serve as a grand communal home and a public palace.

Beurs of Berlage today

In its current state, the Beurs van Berlage building combines the hosting of cultural and social activities, with serving as a conference and events centre. Exhibitions are wide ranging; 2017 shows include the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol, while at the end of the year, over 300 pieces of authentic Louis Vuitton trunks and other items dating as far back as the 1850’s, will be on display during a unique fashion exhibition.

Other parts of the building concentrate on public events, conferences, concerts, dinners, meetings, symposiums and exhibitions - with so many rooms and possibilities, the Beurs van Berlage is the ideal place to host these various events.

Visiting the Beurs van Berlage

As well as the exhibitions and corporate events, the Beurs of Berlage is also open to visitors to enjoy the unique architecture and guided tours are available several days per week. It is also a great place to have meal or a drink, rent a bike or even enjoy your own “Sherlocked” experience with a group of friends.

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