Protecting the environment

The protection of the environment is important to all of us. For this reason Hotel Amsterdam-De Roode Leeuw, together with 22 other Amsterdam hotels, signed an agreement with the local authorities with the aim to obtain a “Green Key” certification within 2 years. An inventory of measures to be taken was completed in September 2006. After having achieved Bronze status in 2008, in 2009 our property obtained the Green Key Silver classification, and in 2012 we reached the highest Green Key Gold level. The Green Key is a diploma awarded to companies operating within the tourism sector: hotels, youth hostels, conference and holiday centres, campsites, holiday houses, leisure providers and restaurants.

To obtain this Green Key classification a company has to fulfil a long list of environmental requirements. These requirements are contained in a number of criteria which, besides purely environmental demands, include demands on policy and action plans.

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