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Want to know which special events, parties, exhibitions, and much more are taking place in Amsterdam? On this page you'll find lots of information, courtesy of, and several other sources.

Amsterdam Museum

The rich collection of works of art, objects and archaeological finds brings to life the fortunes of Amsterdammers of days gone by and today. From a mediaeval child's shoe and the map of Cornelis Antonisz from 1538, giving a bird's-eye view of the city, to the impressive Civic Guard paintings from the Golden Age. Photos and film material show the happy times as well as the drama of the modern city's inhabitants. You'll witness the poverty in the Jordaan area he 19th century but also the idealism of the sixties and Ajax's success at football.

Amsterdam DNA. As a three-dimensional travel guide, this presentation takes you on a 45-minute historical tour of Amsterdam.

Carefully selected highlights, exhibits and loan items, tell the interesting story of this multifaceted city in seven chapters. In each chapter, one exhibit forms the basis for the story of that period. These stories are told through exciting animations which are projected onto big glass screens in the middle of the gallery. Every visitor is given a travel guide which can activate the animations of each period in one of the ten languages offered, from Italian to Russian and Japanese.

Hermitage Amsterdam

A major European cultural destination, the greatly expanded Hermitage Amsterdam, welcomes visitors to its elegantly restored 17th-century building in the historic heart of Amsterdam. It was founded to bring the richness and grandeur of Russia's artistic heritage to one of the West's most charming capitals. The Hermitage Amsterdam is open daily from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Closed on January 1st, April 30th and December 25th.

Passion, Religion and power in Dutch and Chinese Outsider Art

Until 5 June 2017

Featuring in excess of 200 extraordinary works by Chinese and Dutch outsider artists, the exhibition offers visitors the unique opportunity to compare and admire Outsider Art produced in both countries. The exhibition runs from 24 November 2016 to 5 June 2017 at the Outsider Art Museum (OAM), located in the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Passion, religion and power, but also the body, nature, dreams and nightmares: the exhibition is divided into a wide range of themes allowing you to make striking comparisons. Such as between the work of Chinese artist Yang Min and that of Dutch artist Jannemiek Tukker. Both artists depict an extraordinary spiritual world. Their ‘moving’, meticulously drawn parallel lines summon forth an abstract reality. Their imaginary worlds dominate the entire surface of their papers.

Exhibition Catherine the Great unravels myths surrounding Europe’s greatest empress and her life

18 June 2016 – 15 January 2017

Two hundred and fifty years after Catherine the Great founded the Hermitage, the Hermitage Amsterdam presents her life story in a sumptuous exhibition on Europe's longest-reigning empress. Her name has always been surrounded with stories and superlatives, often about her private life and court intrigues. Some of these stories belong to the realm of myth, but others are perfectly true. Aided by her memoirs and those of her contemporaries, more than 300 objects from the Hermitage in St Petersburg are presented, which invite visitors into Catherine’s world. The exhibition unravels her life story and sketches her personality. It is also an exhibition like a jewellery box, with magnificent personal possessions such as dresses, bijoux, cameos, and snuff boxes, as well the finest art works from her vast collection: paintings, sculptures, exquisite crafts, and portraits of her friends and loved ones.

The Royal Palace

The Palace was built as a town hall of Amsterdam. Architect Jacob van Campen developed an extensive decoration program for the building. Amsterdam celebrated painters like Ferdinand Bol, Govaert Flinck and Jan Lievens contributed. The Flemish sculptor Artus Quellinus made many monumental sculptures. Artworks which are still on display.

In 1808 King Louis Napoleon moved into the building. He changed the town hall in a palace and decorated it with a large collection of Empire furniture. After his departure, Louis Napoleon left almost all expensive furniture behind. The furniture, one of the best preserved and most complete Empire collections in the world, is in full glory to be seen.

The rooms in the Palace are decorated with artworks from the collection of the House of Orange-Nassau Historic Collections Trust. Many paintings show the various members of the family of Orange-Nassau.

Van Gogh Museum

During his ten-year artistic career, Van Gogh was highly prolific. A full 864 paintings and almost 1,200 drawings and prints have survived. The largest collection of his work – more than 200 paintings, 437 drawings and 31 prints – can be found in the Van Gogh Museum. Many other drawings and paintings by Van Gogh can be found at the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo (The Netherlands) and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The rest of his work is divided among a large number of museums and private collections around the world, including many in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United States and Japan.

Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh: Impressions of Landscape

21 October 2016 - 29 January 2017

In the 19th century, Charles François Daubigny was one of the most important French landscape artists. He became renowned for his urge for innovation, and was popular with collectors, critics and the general public, as well as with other artists. This exhibition is the first to explore Daubigny’s role as the founding father of Impressionism and as a major source of inspiration for Vincent van Gogh.

Daubigny had a strong influence on Impressionists such as Monet, Pissarro and Sisley. In turn, he himself was also inspired by this younger generation of artists. Daubigny also served as a shining example to Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh considered him to be one of the forerunners in the ‘beginning of the great revolution in art’. The exhibition clearly illustrates the interaction between Daubigny and the Impressionists, and the French artist's influence on Vincent van Gogh.

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Anne Frank House

Anne Frank is one of Amsterdam’s best-known historical figures. Anne and her family lived in hiding from the Nazis for more than two years in a house on the Prinsengracht. Anne was eventually deported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945, where she later died at the young age of 15. Today, Anne’s spirit lives on through her diary and the huge numbers of visitors who come to Amsterdam every year to learn more about her short life.

The former hiding place, where Anne Frank wrote her diary, is now a well-known museum. The museum tells the history of the eight people in hiding and those who helped them during the war. Anne Frank's diary is among the original objects on display. The museum is open daily from 9.00 AM until 10.00 PM (from November until March closing time is 7.00 PM and 09.00 PM on Saturdays).

From 9 AM to 3:30 PM the museum is only open to visitors with an online ticket for a particular timeslot. From 3:30 PM until closing time you can visit the Anne Frank House without an online ticket and buy a ticket at the museum entrance.

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The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the iconic museum of the Netherlands. After ten years of rebuilding, refurbishing and renovating, the Rijksmuseum once again opened its doors to the public in full splendour on 13 April 2013. Both the building and the presentation of the collection underwent a total transformation. This revamping resulted in surprising furnishings, beautiful exhibitions, dazzling events and numerous facilities for young and old.

The Rijksmuseum’s world-famous collection is being presented in an entirely new way. Visitors go on a journey through the ages and experience a sense of beauty and of time. In 80 galleries, 8,000 objects tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history, from the Middle Ages to Mondrian.

Music at Home

Until June 18 2017

This small exhibition displays a selection of musical highlights from instrument collections of the Rijksmuseum and the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (municipal museum in The Hague), the two most important collections of their kind in the Netherlands. In the area around the showcase in which the instruments are displayed, visitors will hear recordings of pieces performed by Early Music students from the conservatories in Amsterdam and The Hague.

For centuries, playing a musical instrument was a favourite way of entertaining family and friends, or just for personal pleasure. Music at home was more intimate than music played in public venues such as churches, opera houses and theatres. The repertoire consisted of music for soloists or for a singer with accompaniment, as well as music for small ensembles such as duets, trio sonatas and string quartets. The exhibition displays several examples of these, in small ensembles.

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The Stedelijk Museum

A complete renovation of the Stedelijk’s historic building, designed by A.W. Weissman and dating back to 1895, has converted virtually all of its program spaces into galleries, enabling the first comprehensive display the Stedelijk has ever mounted of its permanent collection, widely acknowledged to be among the world’s most important collections of modern and contemporary art and design. The dynamic new building—designed by Mels Crouwel of Benthem Crouwel Architects and measuring 10,000 square meters (98,400 square feet)—provides new space for the Stedelijk’s renowned and influential temporary exhibitions, as well as a host of new amenities. The innovative design also re-orients the entire museum to face onto Amsterdam’s Museumplein (Museum Plaza), activating a vital public space that is shared by the Stedelijk and its neighbors: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Concertgebouw.

“With this long-awaited opening, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam reaffirms and strengthens its place among leading international art institutions, showcases Amsterdam as a center of artistic experimentation and brings new life to the Museumplein, re-establishing it as a cultural destination,” Ann Goldstein stated. “And with the completion of Mels Crouwel’s bold yet brilliantly functional building, we are effectively adding a major new work to our exceptional collection of Dutch modern design.”

Jordan Wolfson: manic / love / truth / love

Until 23 April 2017

The Stedelijk Museum presents Jordan Wolfson (New York, 1980), one of the most outspoken representatives of a new generation of artists who explore the increasing digitalization of society and other technological developments.

The solo show is conceived as a diptych and will occupy the upper galleries of the Stedelijk. Part one is on view from November 27 to January 29, and the second chapter opens on February 18, 2017. Both presentations revolve around Wolfson’s spectacular animatronic creations: robotic human figures, seductive yet repulsive, which interact with the viewer using motion sensor technology. The exhibition also includes video works and digital paintings.

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Amsterdam Light Festival

December 1, 2016 until January 22, 2017

Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual light art festival in Amsterdam. Artists, architects and (light) designers from all over the world bring their light artworks and installations alive during the festival every winter. Water Colors, the boat route, displays big monumental objects and offers visitors the chance to experience the art from a water perspective.

Almost all artworks that are presented during Amsterdam Light Festival are designed and made especially for the festival. A lot of participating artists use concepts and techniques that they have never applies before. Every year the technical team from the festival supports the artists in the development and implementation of their concepts.

Light art is a relatively young art form that offers artists -because of the LED revolution- completely new expression possibilities, on the intersection of art and technology. The festival aims to stimulate the development of light art and light artists. The festival also aims to bring light art and light artist to a broader audience, by presenting light art in a relatively approachable setting in the public sphere.

Water Colors

Water Colors is the boat route of Amsterdam Light Festival, where the infamous Amsterdam canals form the decor for the light objects. Water Colors is opened daily from December 01 2016 until January 22 2017. The boat route is offered by diffrent canal companies. Most start the tour at Amsterdam Central Station. The prices differ per company.


The artworks are lit from 17:00 until 23:00.

The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum shows how our culture has been shaped by the sea. Stimulating, interactive exhibitions allow visitors to explore 500 years of maritime history. Attractive object exhibitions show the best of our world famous collection. We have special exhibitions for children, including See you in the Golden Age and The tale of the whale. We even have one for children under the age of 6: Sal & Lori and Circus at Sea. And last but not least: the exciting ride Voyage at Sea (8+) and the famous replica of the East Indiaman Amsterdam is back at the quay. Het Scheepvaartmuseum has been completely renovated, but still exudes history and is a beautifully imposing and impressive building in the heart of Amsterdam.

The National Maritime Museum is housed in 's Lands Zeemagazijn (the Arsenal). This historic building dating from 1656 was designed by Daniel Stalpaert as a storehouse for the Admiralty of Amsterdam. It was built in the Golden Age, when Amsterdam was the largest port and market place in the world. Goods from all over the world could be bought right here. Today, over 350 years later, the Zeemagazijn remains an imposing and impressive building with a great deal of character. It exudes history, making it the perfect location for The National Maritime Museum, which has been housed here since 1973.

De Nieuwe Kerk

90 Years Ms Monroe

1 October 2016 until 5 February 2017

In the year that she would have turned 90, De Nieuwe Kerk will reflect on a great style icon: Marilyn Monroe. From October 1 until February 5 2017, the exhibition about her life and legacy, including numerous personal items from her house at 5th Helena Drive in Brentwood, California, can be visited.

After her death, her belongings were stored in their entirety by her heirs and remained unmoved for decades. 37 years later the auctioning of her belongings began, first at Christie’s in New York and then at a number of other auction houses. A considerable amount was purchased by Monroe collector Ted Stampfer and these are the items presented in this exhibition. The private objects, including famous articles of clothing, accessories and personal documents, together with photos and film clips, afford a unique and intimate view of the woman, both in and outside the camera’s gaze.

This biographical exhibition opens up Marilyn’s world; the successful and glamorous external appearance as well as her often lonely inner world, full of setbacks, as well as her witty, creative and progressive personality. Determined to make an extraordinary career in her own way, she gained prestige that still captures the imagination of many. Her saying ‘I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it’ says a lot about who she was and who she wanted to be; about her time and the world in which she lived.

Beurs van Berlage

Endless Stories

The Beurs van Berlage was opened 110 years ago by Queen Wilhelmina, then just 23 years old, at a ceremony attended by hundreds of Dutch and foreign dignitaries. Since then, millions of people have walked through its doors.

The Beurs van Berlage is one of the Netherlands’s most important and famous national listed buildings. As well as enormously important architecturally, the building also has a remarkable history and harbours a wealth of hidden treasures.

Experience the crowning achievement of H.P. Berlage’s (1856-1934) architectural career for yourself at the Beurs van Berlage. In association with Artifex, the Beurs van Berlage offers visitors a unique chance to join an introductory tour of the building. A guide will take you around the stunning interior, today regarded as ushering in the era of Dutch modern architecture. Visit the exchange halls and learn all about the rich history and impressive architecture that makes the Beurs so distinctive. You can also climb to the top of the Beurs van Berlage’s bell tower and enjoy the expansive views over Amsterdam.

The guided tour starts with a hot cup of coffee, followed by an hour-long walk through the wonderful Beurs van Berlage. Afterwards there is an opportunity to ascend the bell tower with its fantastic view over the city. The all-inclusive price is € 14.50.